Friday, May 31, 2013

Spacey - Inside and Out -- Day 2/144

Walk: Sundance Kabuki (Star Trek: Into the Darkness)
Distance: 2 miles and private yoga

Thinking about 1. Pilates and 2. If I can get over future thinking and really just embrace my life as is.  That's a lot of thinking for ciwt - especially after going to the current Star Trek.  I've only been to one other ever but a Trekie friend called and I thought why not?  Luckily I had had a good night's sleep because watching and trying to stay remotely close to the action is a full time job.  From the Moment the movie began it was non-stop creatures, planets, death defying battles(resurrections even), gadgets galore, no sex, no acting, no depth, all action and violence.  Whew.  A far cry from my usual indies but very interesting to see what 16-20 somethings watch these days.

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