Saturday, May 25, 2013

Incidents and Anger -- Day 2/139

Walk: Mindful Body, Vogue Theater (The Great Gatsby)
Distance: 20 blocks and teach yoga class

A yoga student/friend recently sent a link from her local newspaper about a woman bicyclist who was hit by a Negligent, Stupid (my words) driver and declared "Very fortunate to have survived."  She was that woman. This was difficult to grasp and take in.  She's very vital, bikes all over the place, the picture of beautiful health.  And.....?!

Then a few days later I took Callie to the vet where another student/animal worker was in a cast and just back from 5 weeks off because she had been run into in the middle of an intersection by an Idiotic, Careless driver Who Didn't Even Look. The day after that a student wrote to say he hadn't been to class because his bike got tangled with the streetcar tracks and he was badly scraped and bruised.  His wrist is still ailing which brings me to my student who recently tripped while walking and severely broke her wrist in several places.  This was a lot; yoga teachers care about and feel protective of their students.

Now today, a student who hasn't been able to come to class for a while came into the room then asked if I could come out and speak with him privately which I did.  Hope I didn't turn ashen when he said "Please don't be alarmed--I'm feeling ok now--but I got shot during the Mother's Day street parade in New Orleans on May 12 that put 20 people in the hospital.  You may have seen the news coverage." The bullet is still in his leg because the doctors feel this is the safest way - to let it make its journey out on its own rather than cut into healthy tissue.  Like my first student/friend, he had sent me a link about this ahead of class.  But, turns out, instead of sending it to me, he sent it to himself!  Tells you something about where his mind still is - and he's a journalist for whom filing reports is probably a way of life.

The Incredibly good news is that every single one of these students is on the mend.  For all of them it will take time, but the injuries will not be permanent.  I'm honored that they all included me in their healing - by keeping me informed and in some cases, counseling with me about their yoga during the healing.

One thing I've noticed though is a tendency by everyone to feel they should 'discount' what happened or 'forgive' or do something other than what their bodies/beings/whatever authentically do: Get Mad!  It's like its politically incorrect or something to respond authentically - with anger!!  Well, I am very, very clear that I welcome their anger!  I think it is Exactly Right, the bedrock, true response.  First comes the anger - then who knows?   Depends on the person.

In his CNN interview, my journalist yoga student said loud and clear things like "This was a Senseless, Stupid thing..!" and "These were two - maybe three - Idiots who did this!  Shooting into a crowd. Shooting into a crowd where there were children. There were women.  To think you aren't going to hurt others...!"  He was legitimately furious as well as talking about possible remedies, possible steps the various people with some power might take.  But, first and foremost, he was very clear about his anger.

And I thought "Hurray!"  It actually helped me with my own overwhelm and anger about all these Stupid, Idiotic accidents that are affecting my excellent, wonderful students and friends.

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