Sunday, May 26, 2013

Notes -- Day 2/140

Walk: Hi-Tech nails, Trader Joe's, Wells Fargo in Laurel Village
Distance: Maybe a mile

Odds and Ends

1.  I now have 330 readers of my Frances Ha CIWT (2/138) which is at least 300 more than my usual number.  So I'm guessing I'm getting hits from people interested in the movie in some way and not expecting to end up at ciwt's site.  This has happened - but not quite so many - when I've titled my post after a place I'm writing about (Mill Valley, Cavallo Point come to mind).  I feel kind of badly then because it might be a person planning a trip, looking for information or something.

2. I wonder if any of these 330 read the post and what they thought.  It occurs to me many people might consider their post college/launching years their favorites.  Or at least they might have lived them light-heartedly with happy roommates like the gang on Friends or cynically-humorously like Seinfeld and gang.  Not so, ciwt; it was over the top in many ways - all fraught as I recall.  Anyway, wonder if any of the 330 read the site they inadvertently got to.

3.  Saw The Great Gatsby yesterday.  I have many thoughts on Fitzgerald  , his writing, 'the Jazz Age,' but today isn't the  day.  It is the day to comment on Leo DiCaprio.  Actually to let A.O. Scott from the NY Times comment:  More important, it is impossible to look away from him. His charisma has increased as his youthful prettiness has worn and thickened away, and he is beautiful, sad, confident and desperate in exactly the way Gatsby should be.  

4.  Love that Sunday feeling when the plants are all deadheaded, the flowers are fresh, the nattery little details in the accumulated piles of papers are off the list.  Today to qualify for some $100 or so SF tax exemption I had to send copies of my driver's license, deed of trust, utilities bills and, just about, Callie (my cat).  Needless to say that project was put off until the last moment.  

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