Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fun With Lists and Values --- Day 2/136

Walk: Union Square
Distance: 1.5 miles

Heard some discussion of motivating values on a local talk show yesterday.  Some researcher maintains that all people hold 16 basic values dear but rank them individually according to genetics, background and other factors.  Once in place, according to him, they do not change over time.  Here's the list.  How would you prioritize it?

  1. Power – the desire to influence others
  2. Independence – the desire for self-reliance
  3. Curiosity – the desire for knowledge
  4. Acceptance – the desire to be included
  5. Order – the desire for organization
  6. Saving – the desire to collect things or to save
  7. Honor - the desire to be loyal
  8. Idealism – the desire for social justice
  9. Social Contact – the desire for many connections
  10. Family – the desire to raise one’s own children, to have a system for living
  11. Status – the desire for social standing
  12. Winning – the desire to compete
  13. Romance/Beauty – the desire for sex and/or beauty, harmony, and high quality
  14. Eating – the desire to consume food (beyond the minimum needed for survival)
  15. Vitality/health – includes physical activity as well as self-care
  16. Tranquility – the desire for emotional calm

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