Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dating Chronicles: Glad this wasn't ciwt --- Day 278

Walk: Fillmore, Laurel Village, Errands stuff
Distance: 4 miles (still slooow)

So my downstairs neighbor used to date someone but they ended largely because she wanted a child asap - and he didn't.  She went out and was ecstatic to find the perfect man.  That was several years ago and the other day I asked him how things were going with his friend, whether she was married with child, happy.

Well.....turns out she was at a conference in her field, met another woman about her age also in her field.  They decided to have a drink.  Over wine they began talking about their boyfriends, and, amazingly they both had a Wonderful man.  He was in ---- field; so was the other girl's.  He lived in ---; same.  He traveled quite a lot; yup.  He looked like; Oh oh.. His name was --- .  Yes, you guessed it.  By complete happenstance, they discovered the very Mr. Perfect who was two-timing both of them.  Luckily pre-baby.

Yikes, maybe he was three-timing..

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