Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hockney/ipad/trees --- Day 2/281

Walk: Sundance Kabuki Cinema Club (Elise)
Distance: 2 miles, small home yoga practice

A friend asked what I thought of one of David Hockney's 'trees' paintings pictured in the latest SF Fine Arts Museums magazine.  I'd already recycled the magazine and couldn't remember the title of the painting.

I wondered if it might be this work:

Or this one:

But then remembered it was:

More Felled Trees on Woldgate  (2008)   o/c  60" x 96"

Do I like it?  Off the top, I'd say it is disappointment to ciwt especially if it was done on an ipad, blown up and then painted.

I've always taken Hockney at face value and simply been charmed by his colorful, open work as well as the great L.A. paintings of the 70's.  For instance:

Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Percy  (1970-71)  Acrylic on Canvas   120" x 84"

I've encountered the Polaroid joiners here and there, stage sets and many posters.  But I've never really been a student of him or his work.  Seeing art in person is all so I'm really looking forward to the David Hockney show opening at the de Young show this Friday.  I'll go with my friend and see what we both think standing before the actual art.

Stay tuned...

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