Saturday, October 19, 2013

More Remote Figuratives, one by Diebenkorn --- Day 2/280

Walk: Mountain Lake Park, etc.
Distance: 5 miles - quite a bit faster

Yesterday's entry on Diebenkorn's paintings touching on the essential unknowability of others (and oneself?) put me in mind of a few more paintings.

Richard Diebenkorn,  ? probably @ 1959

David Park, Standing Couple, 1958

David Park was Diebenkorn's best friend.  The two men plus Elmer Bischoff, Wayne Thiebaud and James Weeks comprised the First Generation of the Bay Area Figurative Movement.

Conversación, de Henri Matisse. San Petersburgo, State Hermitage Museum
Henri Matisse, Conversation  1909

And then we have the master.  Diebenkorn early acknowledged that he was highly influenced by Edward Hopper, Willem de Kooning and especially Matisse.  This was before his 1964 trip to Russia where he was able view the incomparable collections of Matisses at the Pushkin and The Hermitage. His reaction was to be stunned, to say "I know nothing about painting," and to work feverishly for many months producing painting after painting in Matisse's style with Matisse's imagery as homage to him and to learn from the great master.

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