Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Some Thiebaud Memories --- Day 2/233

Walk: North Beach, Paul Thiebaud Gallery, Art Institute
Distance: 5 miles and take yoga class

Ciwt went to a gallery 'show' of Wayne Thiebaud's art today in North Beach and was rather surprised to see his subject matter: mountains (?!).  Image result for thiebaud, blue ridge mountain, 2010
                                                                 Blue Ridge Mountain, 2010,  48" x 35", Oil on canvas

Not his pies, cakes and other delicious items for which he is so known.

Or his precipitous San Francisco cityscapes: 

Not even his later Delta images: 

But, images aside, there in the show was the felt presence, the vestigial memory of the entirety of Theibaud's work.  It was there in the lush brushwork, the gorgeous, rich colors, the finely rendered graphics, the striving to capture timeless essences. And it was right there in the name of the show, which Theibaud, at age 93, entitled Memory Mountains.

Night Mesa, 2011-13, 24x24, oil on board

Palm Hill and Farm Cloud, ca 1968, 24"x36", oil on canvas

Wayne Thiebaud at Paul Thiebaud Gallery show, 'Memory Mountains' 2013, standing before Big Rock Mountain 2004-2012, 54"x54", oil on canvas


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