Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thank you, Terry Gross --- Day 2/332

Walk: California Shell, Mindful Body
Distance: 2 miles and teach yoga class

Ciwt is completely in awe of Terry Gross.  As are so many of her interviewees on WHYY-Philapelpia/Fresh Air.  Time and again the famous in all fields - who are interviewed almost as a way of life and who have often written autobiographies so have their lives and feelings at their fingertips - are truly shocked by the freshness and incisiveness of Terry's questions.  Men and women who have been interviewed countless times for many years will say things like "No one has ever asked me that."  "What a great question; I'd never thought of it in that way." "Nobody has ever made that connection."  And so often the guest sincerely thanks Terry for "the best interview they've ever had."

Ciwt thinks it would be great if someone more techie than she would make a cd splicing together these remarks from Terry's 25+ years of interviews. Here are just a few of the people she has interviewed over the years; I'm sure many of them would be on that cd.

Elton John, Linda Ronstadt, Steven Colbert, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, Etta James, Tom Waits, James Levine, Keith Richards, Loretta Lynn, the Coen Brothers, Dolly Parton, Charlie Rich, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson.   And that's just some from the music interviews....Other categories include: animals, around the nation, arts and life, books, business, the economy, games and humor, health, politics, science, technology and more.

Ciwt has a certain partiality for the food interviews which normally she would pass up. Not for predictable reasons but because, like Ciwt, Terry is a non-cook and happy to admit it (like if she can microwave it, that's great with her) as she still intelligently interviews the kings and queens of the kitchen.

PS  (Next Day) - Even better!  Had lunch with friends today and learned that, not only does Terry Gross not cook, she loves cats!  Here's hers, Tumbler.

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