Saturday, December 14, 2013

Temporarily Frozen Kids ---- Day 2/336

Walk: Mindful Body, Vogue Theater
Distance: 18 blocks and teach yoga class

Slipped into Frozen this mid-afternoon.  Walking down the aisle, ah oh, tons of kids standing or sitting in their seats, wandering the theater, having fake fights with their friends, tugging at their parents sleeves.  Trouble I thought.  I'd forgotten it was a Disney animated movie.

But not to worry.  There wasn't a peep when the movie started.  Not a peep.  Kudos to the film makers who seem to understand just how to rivet kids' attention. And adult's attention too. Ciwt really liked all that childhood innocence stuff and fabulous animation, and, at the end it was the adults who were clapping.  For Frozen, not just because their kids had been completely quiet and absorbed for a couple of hours - at least I think it was for Frozen.

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