Monday, October 20, 2014

But I 'Just' Bought Them --- Day 3/279

Walk: Balboa Theater, Laurel Village
Distance: 2 miles

New season means go to the closet and try on fall/winter shoes.  Which Ciwt did and Wha?!? A bunch of them that are either old favorites or quite new didn't fit right/weren't comfortable.  She thought she'd done something wrong in buying them but then found an informative article by a Bally expert who explained that as the foot ages, it spreads out.  Ie, for all of us, men and women alike, our feet become longer and wider.  It happens faster for unstructured sneaker and flip-flop wearers -  and probably at lightning speed for yoga teachers like Ciwt.

Heeere's the article (sorry) ..

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