Sunday, October 12, 2014

What Have You Created Lately? Day 3/271

Walk: a bit around Glen Ellen Vineyard
Distance: a few blocks

Guanyin, the Goddess of Compassion, attending.

So Ciwt went to visit friends from the ancient of days at their country home - well, okay, vineyard.
When she walked in to their spacious, open, light-filled but mellow and comfortable home, she asked about their architect/builder - something along the lines of 'who did you work with? how'd you get your ideas?'  The answer was: 'We did it.'  Did what?  'Everything. - Oh, except the windows because building codes insist they have to be installed professionally.'

That means, electricity, plumbing, tile floors, roof, you name it.  The most lovely of many lovely characteristics of the House That They Built, were the walls - as seen above.  They are layered concrete of various hues of sand from natural to tinted in a pattern envisioned by my friend and shovel-packed in special molds by her, her husband, probably their children and other willing able-
bodied people.  The finished walls soar but retain a comforting, soothing, timelessly artistic feeling.

Last I saw my friend, she was an economics major at college.  So, Yay Life!!!

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