Saturday, October 25, 2014

You Know You're Older When.., Vol. 9,456,823 --- Day 3/282

Walk: Mindful Body, Clay Theater (Whiplash), Presidio Avenue
Distance: 3 miles and teach yoga class

Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons in Whiplash

It seems to Ciwt every indie movie she has seen recently feels like Young Adult.  Kids and a parent get unhappy so they, like you know, start a garage band with the old guy, and, whoa, Famous! (Rudderless)

Or, 20-something not clear on growing up So...she starts hanging with and sleeping over with  and buying booze, etc. for high school kids.  One of those kids has a cute, older father - and, whoa, Happy Ending For All!  Surely the 20-something year old will stop a lifetime of compulsive lying and essential lostness now.   (Laggies)

Today, in Whiplash,  we had a psychotic, borderline narcissist teacher and a driven kid.  But, you know, no problem with the psycho because he was just doing all that bullying sadistic stuff 'cuz how else would the kid really reach his full potential (at 19!)?  And this movie was the winner of the US Dramatic Category at Sundance.

Ciwt should say, deservedly so - for excellent (probably Oscar nomination) acting, electrifying action, relentless drama, artistic cinematography.  But, like those other indies above, Whiplash is basically going nowhere.  Or going into the sunset or down the aisle or nowhere believable.  Seems to Ciwt even young people after Mad Men know things aren't going to go too well down that aisle or off in that sunset, and that sadistic bullies (no matter how well acted) are very dangerous indeed.  So, very optimistic for the futures of all these talented actors and directors, it is difficult for Ciwt not to point out the indie Emperor is wearing short pants.

Whiplash Trailer

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