Friday, October 17, 2014

Leo Holub Shooting Anderson Collection Stars --- Day 3/276

Martin Puryear, Accord, New York, 1992

Ciwt always enjoys seeing portraits of artists, and the newly opened Anderson Collection at Stanford University does not disappoint.

As they were collecting, Hunk and Moo Anderson commissioned their friend, beloved Stanford Professor and founder of the University's photography program, Leo Holub to take photos of of the featured artists in their collection.  So for ten years from the mid-1980's Holub (1916-2010) traveled around the country visiting studios of over 110 artists and quietly capturing them with a small Mamiya camera.  55 of these portraits are displayed in the Wisch Family Gallery on the ground floor of the new - and absolutely first rate! - museum building and - along with an excellent 'home movie' of the Andersons - allows the visitor to form a personal connection with the collectors and the artists before going upstairs to view the art works.

 Nathan Oliveira, Stanford 1982          Terry Winters, New York, 1992      

Richard Diebenkorn, Ocean Park, 1984

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