Monday, July 27, 2015

Annals of Wishy-Washy Dating --- Day 4/179

Walk: JCC, Trader Joe's
Distance: 2 miles and 2 yoga practices (JCC blah sub, home)

So Ciwt met a cute guy who started talking to her at a museum.  He called and he and Ciwt talked about a time/place to get together. We settled on mid-afternoon.  Somehow Ciwt mentioned something about having a cat.

Him: Did you say cat?  I'm allergic.  I was looking to spend some time in the city.
Ciwt: Well, then I guess that's kind of it..
Him: Not necessarily.
Ciwt: Hmm. Well, my place would have a cat.
Him: Any thoughts on where we could meet?
Ciwt: I have some thoughts on places just across the Golden Gate bridge since you're across the bay.
Him: That's two tolls for me.
Ciwt: It's by far the most convenient.
Him: Each one is $5.  The Bay Bridge is a pain but only one toll.
Ciwt: Silent.
Him: We'd have to be careful with the price wherever we go.
Ciwt: A cup of coffee or glass of wine shouldn't be that much.  Or you can have water; it will be mid afternoon.

On and on it went like this.  Every Ciwt suggestion was instantly removed from the table.  Including the one where he made the selection and she'd show up - even in Marin.  His response to that was: "Oh god, I'll probably spend all weekend trying to decide."

Eventually Ciwt decided to be firm about her original assessment: That's kind of it.  He seemed to be mystified about why she thought that but sort of accepted it.  "Well, okay..."

Cute guy (used to be a child star); kind of sad.

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