Friday, July 31, 2015

West/East --- Day 4/183

Walk: Asian Art Museum
Distance: 4.6 miles

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1968: Kenneth Noland (New York School)
                                                                  2013: Wang Guangle, b. 1976, China; lives and works in Beijing

1957-60: Robert Motherwell (New York School) 
                                                 2008: Lan Zhenghui, b. 1957 China, lives and works in Beijing, China
                                                              and Toronto, Canada

Very interesting. There were moments in the current Asian Art Museum show of contemporary Chinese painting when Ciwt could have sworn she was back at MOMA in the 1960's.  But in achieving similar images with similar media, the Abstract Expressionists were coming from entirely different philosophies and making entirely different artistic statements from the young Chinese artists in the show.     To be continued.....                                          

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