Saturday, July 18, 2015

So Fast, So Fast --- Day 4/170

Walk: Asian Art Museum (China Today Panel Discussion)
Distance: 4 miles

Ciwt is still excited by 28 Chinese, a current show of contemporary Chinese artists at the Asian Art Museum.  The works have the kind of energy Ciwt hasn't seen since the 1950's and 60's in New York. In that exuberant era when American artists were exploding into their own, when New York was replacing Europe, especially Paris, as the art center of the world. The tail end of  Abstract Expressionism, the beginning of Pop Art and more 'breaking free' art movements. Unexpectedly, there was that artistic energy on the Asian Art Museum walls!  Wow!

So today to learn more Ciwt went to a panel discussion of some of the current Chinese 'honchos.'  Professors, web site founders, bloggers, rocks stars turned activists, all with constant East-West connection - today's honcho types. The panel touched on the 28 Chinese show but mostly entertained questions about the overall state of Chinese society since the 1980's.  So much to say about that - of course! - but, as it pertains to the analogy Ciwt saw/felt between our 60's and their 80's, she was probably right on.  But what has also gone right on are the explosively rapid changes of China - along with the changes here and throughout the world - so, in many ways, the young 60's type energy the young Chinese artists have brought to their works is already nostalgic.  Already freedom has demanded new questions and complications to address.  

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