Thursday, July 9, 2015

Closed for the Weekend --- Day 4/161

Walk: Fillmore Hood
Distance: 2 miles

Like everyone on either side and for many miles North and South Ciwt is hunkering down for the 3+day closure of Doyle Drive.  Ie, the City-side main access to the Golden Gate Bridge will be shut down.  Not just a pretty symbol, the bridge is a main Bay Area transportation artery, so who knows the kinds of jams some people might get themselves into - particularly tourists who might not have any advance warning.  Authorities are doing the best they can to alert people, so hopefully no one will get caught in a 4 hour+ traffic mess.

When Doyle Drive re-opens early Monday morning, motorists will be treated to a whole new safer, wider and lovelier parkway and driving experience. Ciwt isn't usually into road reports, but this is a very big and exciting infrastructure deal and accomplishment.

(See CIWT Day 111 for some early shots; surely new parkway pictures to follow).

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