Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fooled Again - Happily --- Day 4/168

Walk: Driving Day
Distance: 6 blocks or so and home yoga

 "Oh, it's crisping," said the nursery worker with a smile.  "Is that normal at this time of year?" Ciwt asked anxiously.  "Let's see; we're in July.  Yes, that would be normal."  So with a whew Ciwt clicked off her iphone with its picture of her pet tree's dry leaves.

No matter how long she lives in Northern California it seems she will be forever surprised by its seasons.  By the fact some of our trees and grasses can be brown or rust and well into Fall by July while annuals like petunias and zinnias are on summer track with their equals back east.   Then she gets surprised all over again around late November when she looks at the Marin hillsides and sees they are bright green with new 'spring' grass.

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