Thursday, July 23, 2020

Bouquets to Designer's Choice --- Day 9/101

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Usually the de Young Museum's annual Bouquets to Art selects floral designers from a large competition then assigns them an art work from the museum's collection to interpret as their talents guide them.  For instance, this excellent bouquet that echoes the seascape painting.  
   Grace Andrade   Florals with Grace

But this year the de Young was closed during the event, so it appears to Ciwt the designers were given the instruction to interpret an artwork or landscape of their own choosing.  As always, the results were both delightful and stunning to Ciwt.  Here are a few of her favorites from this year's 
Bouquets to Art, 2020.

Agnes Kang  Piedmont Garden Club 

Mari Tischenko  Orinda Garden Club

Im Chan   Cindy Ho

Hiromi Nomura     Bella Flora
Ciwt's Favorite
   Tamara Apple   Bluebird Studio

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