Friday, July 17, 2020

The 4% Solution --- Day 9/95

Walk: Mountain Lake
Distance: 4 miles

So Ciwt has a friend who 'tricked her' into humiliating herself each Friday with the NYT News Quiz.*

The screen shot above tells you Ciwt's results on today's quiz. In case you can't read the summary of of her 4/11 score, it says: You did better than 4% of those who took the quiz. 9% of quiz takers got the same score as you.

To make matters worse for poor 4% Ciwt, her friend's son got 10 our of 11, which is Not unusual for him.

Oh dear, back to concentrating on CIWT where Ciwt always gests to be the winner.

*Not true, Ciwt loves games and quizzes.

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