Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Readying --- Day 9/93

Walk: No
Distance: Yoga

So maybe you remember that Ciwt went down to LA to be an audience member for a Jeopardy taping*.  And, maybe like others there, to pay personal tribute to Alex Trebek. During the break between rounds as he does during every taping session, Alex came down in front of our seats to answer our questions.  But, ahead of that, we were cautioned to keep them on topics Alex enjoys talking about; things like his horses, dogs or techniques he uses in his building projects.  Nothing personal we were told.

Remembering that, when Ciwt read a few weeks ago that Alex is releasing his autobiography late in July, her heart sank. He has been living with advanced stage cancer for over a year, the internaional pandemic has prevented taping any new Jeopardy episodes, and now Alex, the most professional and private of men, is releasing a book about his personal life.

The book will be a gift, but it seems a sign and Ciwt is readying.  Sometime soon, before the book release maybe, Ciwt will probably need to say goodbye to her beloved dinner partner.  Since 1984, for thrity six years, on many nights Ciwt has prepared her dinner, brought it to the table, turned on her tv at 7:00 and tried to come up with the correct Jeopardy questions along with the contestants while she ate.  During all these Dinners with Alex, like his many millions of Jeopardy viewers, she has gained untold appreciation and respect for Alex.

Love really.  Since he announced his illness, several Jeopardy contestants have written their final answers as some variation on "We love you, Alex."  And we all choke up when we see that; even Alex once or twice. Alex is warm, reliable, dignified, calming company.   He is just a thoroughly decent man.

Much has been and will be written about Alex Trebek.  Ciwt will just add for herself that, when the time comes that he retires, the dining chair across from her will feel very empty.

*CIWT Days 297 and 299 (10/29 and 10/31/12)

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