Monday, July 20, 2020

Update --- Day 9/98

Walk: Monday errands
Distance: 2 miles and many trips up/down stairs, pedal, yoga

Alex Trebek beginning his very first Jeopardy show

CIWT belongs to Alex Trebek if there is ever any news about him. So today, the day before his book release and two days before his 80th birthday, here is a update from the New York Times.  You can read the article by pressing the link.

And be sure to read the comments.  Here's one of hundreds and one of Ciwt's (and the NYT's) favorites.

A class act. Alex, you introduced me to a wider world than my uneducated family. A world that valued facts, intellect, and civility. I thank you, and know I'm not the only one. (I went on to get a doctorate degree. My parents did not graduate high school. I had a fulfilling career - and that hunger for knowledge lives on in this senior.) You've contributed a significant, positive influence on many, many lives.

Oh, and many proud Canadians (Alex's home country to which he is very generous) have contributed their thoughts.  Here are a couple:

Alex Trebek stoic in adversity, soft on the outside.. hard as granite on the inside, paid to do a Job and does it no matter what...sounds like Canadian to me. !!!

Just a good-old Canadian-boy, minus the hockey stick ...

And Ciwt likes this one about Alex's great looks:

Alex Trebek has always looked dashing.
And a little bit sly. Love it.

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