Friday, December 21, 2012

Life of Pi 3D on winter solstice --- Day 350

Walk: Mindful Body, Sundance Kabuki (Life of Pi)
Distance: 3 miles and teach yoga class

Life of Pi does not disappoint.  I knew nothing about it not having read the book and wasn't going to go.  That would have been a mistake.  Luckily many of my yoga students strongly encouraged me to see it. 

Came out quite 'spent' in a tender way.  Very touching, and visually remarkable and gorgeous.

Also - thanks again to a student who is a honcho in one of the U.S. Environmental divisions - here is a link to everything I didn't know about today, Winter Solstice. Eg, if I read correctly, it has already occurred, having happened at 3:21 this morning.  SO, Yesterday was the shortest day!  It felt so much like it I actually remarked on it in CIWT. 

December solstice

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