Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Class that Yoga Built --- Day 347

Walk: Mindful Body
Distance: 9 Blocks and teach yoga class

There were 14 in class today.  Pretty consistently I am getting at least 10 people attending.  I would bet this is the largest yoga class in the Bay Area at 3:00 on Tuesday afternoons.  When I started almost 10 years ago, maybe 2 people attended.  There were several/many days of no students or just a single one. I'm not at all sure why I continued - especially since I really wasn't sure I wanted to be a yoga teacher or exactly why I was teaching.

One initial reason was that I wanted a reliable forum where I could get more comfortable speaking in public.  Another was that after the training I knew I had yoga in me.  I was prepared to teach, so, do it I guess.  One vague reason silently morphed into another, students showed up, some of them stuck around, my teaching grew, an ad hoc community began to form. 

The owner of the studio is a regular attendee/my student, several studio personnel also love the class, sometimes people take the day off from work or consistently rearrange their work schedules to be able to attend.  And more.  It is quite a meaningful place for them and me to be.

I just kept showing up.  Such is the nature of yoga.

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