Monday, December 24, 2012

Never, Ever Give Up --- Day 353

Walk: Fillmore Street, Trader Joe's, Mindful Body
Distance: 3.5 miles and teach yoga class

Today I subbed at the last minute for an ailing teacher.  And so happy I did. 

It was a restorative/very gentle class, but one of the students - a very sturdy, fit appearing young man could not get comfortable no matter what we did.  I worked with him a bit/as best I could since I'd never seen such a thing happen in very gentle classes.  Then afterward I had an opportunity to talk with him. 

Turns out he fought in Iraq where he injured his neck and shoulders and has "been feeling tight around there" ever since.  Probably "tight" means he's been experiencing pain ever since.  Luckily I was truly able to give him hope and inspiration about the ability of yoga to free him.  That's because one of my Saturday students sent me a video about Arthur, another Iraq war vet, who was told over and over he wouldn't walk again but found a way to do it: Yoga - Every Day.

I think my student today was encouraged and inspired  His wife told me that he usually won't mention his injuries to anybody, so I take that to mean he really was present to the information.  And I appreciated being able to thank him and give him a hug - as well as my student who sent me Arthur's video.

Here is an extended cut of Arthur's story (which I believe will be a movie)
If this story can inspire someone you know, please share it with them!



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