Saturday, December 15, 2012

Oh man, Derain --- Day 344

Walk: Mindful Body, Fillmore Street
Distance: 15 blocks and teach yoga classt in cold rain

Perhaps my favorite painting in the de Young Paley Collection show is this clear, bright fauvist oil by Andre Derain.  No matter how many times I look at it, it feels fresh, new and surprises me with happy energy.

André Derain. (French, 1880-1954). Bridge over the Riou. 1906. Oil on canvas

And, sadly, I cannot look at a later Derain, also in the exhibition, without a sense of disappointment.

Andre Derain. (French, 1880- 1954) The Rehearsal, 1933. Oil on canvas

What happened?  I would like to explore this question and get back to CIWT on where my research leads factually and intuitively.

PS   - Unbelievably I see I am only 21 days from fulfilling my one year commitment to a daily CIWT post.  At this point I can't imagine life without CIWT and presume I will make a new goal to continue.

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