Saturday, December 1, 2012

Yoga in the Rain --- Day 330

Walk: Mindful Body
Distance: 8 blocks and teach yoga class

I know this is how many men feel when they begin yoga.  Not the least because I felt exactly the same way; when I began taking classes the back of the room was filled with all the men and me.  When the instructor said "Touch your toes" the back room people creaked over maybe 4 inches, back rounded, arms hanging out in space in front of them - and thinking something along the lines of the tin man above.

But when the rainy (or snowy or you name it bad weather) season arrived we stiff  back rowers noticed that at least we were moving, doing something, getting exercise instead of sitting around because the weather wasn't conducive to tennis, golf, skiing, biking, roller blading - whatever our sport was.  Yoga was the first challenging, coordinated- movement oriented activity I found that held my interest and wasn't weather related. And that last made a huge difference over time.

Over time I could make a class plan and actually execute it no matter what the weather.  No making a skiing, tennis, golf, whatever plan and then canceling due to weather.  This consistent availability of the practice provides a trustworthy opportunity for growth and deepening, allows yoga to be a reliable friend and sanctuary.  And, in this tin man's case, yoga literally saves him by bringing him in out of the rain where he will rust and keeping his -albeit stiff -  joints oiled.  If he comes often, he might even loosen up enough to be able to skip down the road in a famous movie.

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