Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Downside of Bravery --- Day 2/161

Walk: not much
Distance: 6 blocks, home yoga practice, hit golf balls

I fear haircuts but not the dentist.  Never have and used to proudly get 'brave little patient' compliments from my dentist as a kid.  But sitting in the dentist chair today for a filling, I was reminded of why it is that people develop this phobia; certainly makes way more sense than hair cut phobia.

In case any ciwt readers are among the dentist phobic, I won't dwell on the length of the needles, the crunching, whirring sounds, the pressure, the vibrations, the smells.  No, won't do that.  In fact as the time went by today, I began to think the most sensible thing to do would be to join the ranks of the dental fearful.  As I understand it, those people are given pills and wonderful gases and trip right off into a lovely space reserved for the non-brave.

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