Saturday, June 15, 2013

Suspense Story, Conclusion -- Day 2/157

Walk: Mindful Body, Presidio Golf Course
Distance: 1 mile, teach yoga class and hit bucket of balls

As I was saying yesterday, I passed all the houses at the end of Broadway and entered the Presidio Gate.


And what should I see right past the houses but(t):

Goats! Goats at the end of Broadway!?

Hungry goats. Goats eating weeds and brush and even balancing on stumps

and leaping at branches   to eat evergreen trees!

                                           Totally cute and effective goats

And goats with good taste in landscaping because they saved these pretty things..

So reassured there would always be pretty plantings and greenery at the end of Broadway and in the Presidio, I walked back down the hill

and up the steps to home.

The End

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