Monday, June 10, 2013

Nice Park, Lafayette! --- Day 2/154

Walk: Lafayette Park, Fillmore Street
Distance: 16 blocks

Since CIWT is now a bigger fan than ever of public parks (see Day 2/133) I walked over to see the newly remodeled Lafayette Park which had its grand reopening this weekend. A few finishing touches to go - but it is already gorgeous. 

It used to be dark, creepy, over grown, a rendezvous place for you name it, and as much as the city was understandably discrete about it , more than a few bodies were found there over the years.

                                                             Interesting plantings,

Dog area, large picnic/eating area, amphitheater, labyrinth, central plaza so meditative a musician could sit and practice his reed instrument.  Haven't seen much of that since the 60's.

And talk about pretty tennis courts!

The playground is so awesome, even Danielle Steel's (great) grandchildren will enjoy it when they come to visit her across the street.   (That's her house on the right).

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