Monday, June 24, 2013

Imperfect Decisions -- Day 2/166

Walk: No
Distance: Continuing at home projects in the rain/drizzle, home yoga practice

For the past few days I've been trying to decide whether to attend an out of town memorial service for an older cousin I saw at holiday gatherings growing up and then occasionally as an adult.  Even though we weren't particularly close, I am a relative, and therein lies the quandary.  In the old days, Everyone in a small town and certainly Every relative and member of the social group(s) and even acquaintances would automatically attend such events.  And absences would be noted and the non-attenders scorned or at least talked about unfavorably.

So, even though the trip would be very expensive, inconvenient, stressful, etc., it is difficult (for ciwt) to totally ignore these older conventions and trust that doing the 'sensible' thing is fine.  Times have changed, people live all over the world, religious-based services have loosened their holds, etc.  Yes, but guilt and 'shoulds' are still alive and well.

CIWT's less than perfect decision is to communicate care to those most deeply touched but not fly to (and fro) the actual service.  And hope this is enough.

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