Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mod or Rocker? --- Day 2/164

Walk: Mindful Body, Clement Street
Distance: 4 miles and teach yoga class

An artist friend designed canvas bags for a clothing store here in San Francisco and also had a casual show at the store where her art was just sort of around on tables or on shelves near handbags and other accessories for sale.  One of her bags was perched on the head of a mannequin who was dressed in a strapless formal.  No price tags on the art or even titles.  Very casj...Tres hip I guess.

The informality of this presentation (?) was new to me.  Even the invitation only hinted there was an art opening - and as I say no prices, no titles, no real way to purchase.  Just as new to ciwt - or revisited from Comme Des Garcons days - was the clothing offered and worn.  For the women: no sleeves, no waists, silk prints, very long, sack like 'blazers,' clunky shoes.  Kind of unisex and feminine, blue collar all at the same time.  Basically updated Vivienne Westwood come to think of it.  Mod and VERY expen$ive.

Such a look quite confuses me, and then for so much money! These aren't investment pieces - I don't think..Maybe they are. The whole event made me kind of rethink things...Happens a lot these days.

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