Monday, January 6, 2014

All Systems Go --- Day 2/360

Walk: No; Too much fun riding around in my car with a friend
Distance: Couple of blocks and small (but pretty demanding) home yoga practice

They are rarer these days, but Ciwt never outgrows a road trip with a good friend.  For Ciwt this requires a comfortable and fun to drive car and, most important, a great companion where the conversations are interesting and the decisions are easy.

Today was one of those trips.  Ciwt had a couple of places to check out and wanted her friend's input in case there was something she missed in the viewing.  The is how it went:

On the way to place one I interrupted our conversation to say:  The road to this place is beginning to get me down. My friend: Yeh, the trees are closing in; it looks dark.

Nearing the actual place: Ciwt:  Does this do anything for you?  Friend: Not a thing, but maybe if we get out and walk around .. Ciwt:  Me either; no need to stop.

Nearing second place.  Friend: This is where the scenery really gets to me.  Hills everywhere with tall trees; I feel penned in.  Ciwt:  I totally agree; should we head back?  Friend: Yes.

On the way back we started discussing a couple of places that weren't on the list.  Ciwt:  Want to check those out?  Friend: Sure.  We did and both thought these places were light, bright, energetic, much better.

Then we ate late lunch at a place we both like - and where we ordered the same meal.   Easy, comfortable, stimulating, fun.

Ooops, wrong pic.  Here we go:

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