Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Some Parties Are More Fun Than Others --- Day 2/361

Walk: Mindful Body, etc.
Distance: 1.5 miles and teach yoga class

Somehow these pictures of Alex Trebek were featured on Ciwt's email home page today, and they put her in mind of a recent experience.  Ciwt was invited and went to a holiday party given and attended by people she used to spend time with - maybe 30 years ago.  As she was standing talking, sipping wine with some of these acquaintances, another one she used to see quite often and play tennis with came into the room.  I noted that she'd become sort of plumpish but certainly knew who she was.  Well, and here's the story....

On the way over to speak to the little group I was in I caught her beginning to put out her hand. Then she looked at me, reached her hand in my direction and said, very warmly and politely, "Hi, I'm..."  Before she could finish - and horrified - I quickly said "Oh, hi, ___, Ciwt, nice to see you...."

It's the first time - Ciwt knows of - this has happened.  In fact I've often been told my looks haven't changed (that) much over time.  But, now this..  So when I saw these pictures of Alex today I asked myself, if I hadn't seen him since the top high school picture, would I know the person in the bottom picture was him?

And, on behalf of Alex and Ciwt, I say "Oh, yes!  Most definitely, yes!!"

Alex Trebek's high school photo

Alex Trebek

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