Sunday, January 5, 2014

That you, Banks? --- Day 2/359

Walk: Presidio Theater
Distance: 20 blocks

Ciwt has nearly completed her annual attempt to see all the probable movie award nominees.  Rare exceptions are James Franco in Spring Breakers (which she missed) and August: Osage County and Her (which do not call to her at all - no matter how well acted).

Went to see Disney's Saving Mr. Banks today and lost my brain in the process. (But, with apologies to CIWT readers, will attempt a comment anyway).  With Disney I always start out knowing I'm looking at a contrivance.  Always, even as a very young child, as children often do. But, inevitably, Disney wins and I'm laughing and crying on cue - even as I deeply suspect everything I'm seeing and know my emotions have been induced.  It is a weird experience.

There's a Walt Disney Museum here in the Presidio a few blocks away that gives me the same creepy feeling.  I've only been once as a guest, but, even as I was looking at real artifacts and pictures - 'real history' - and participating in the 'joy' of all the happy characters, the feeling of wool being pulled over my eyes was tactile.

So, is Saving Mr. Banks a good movie?  Entertaining of course, and very well acted. You'll laugh, you'll cry. But you will not be told the truth - which the movie supposedly does.

But, gosh,  you know, what me care?

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