Friday, January 3, 2014

Nickel and Diming....Day 2/357

Walk: Round and round the hood, already enjoying Saturday yoga teaching retirement
Distance: 5 miles

Just got one of those unsolicited 'opportunities' (in this case for life insurance) that included sheets of  personalized CIWT address labels.  I guess the companies and charities that go to the expense of having these printed and sent must know that the 'nice' enclosures will guilt trip the receiver into either joining/giving (preferred) or using the labels on correspondence giving the organization free publicity.

Ciwt used to respond with the guilt they have in mind.  Usually not giving or joining or even using the labels.  But feeling guilty and intending to use the labels. Now she is so inured she can receive the solicitations with actual dimes and nickels attached, peel off the coin, toss it in her coin jar and throw the solicitation away.  Wonder if there are more and more of us doing this, and the charities will look for a more cost effective ploy.

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