Saturday, January 18, 2014

CIWT Supporting Actress Award --- Day 3/7

Walk: Prana, Sundance Kabuki (American Hustle, again), Trader Joe's, Walter Adams Framing
Distance:  3 miles

Yes, I do believe Jennifer Lawrence should get the Best Supporting Actress.  At first I thought it was such a juicy part and she's so popular, awarding her was a giveaway.  But seeing the film again today (to get the plot entirely straight and give the film another chance), all contingencies aside,  she knocked it out of the park.  Such incredible comedic timing and physicality, as one reviewer put it, 'impossibly magnetic.'  Plus so key to the plot which needed her genius-'stupidity' segments for, again, impossibly magnetic comedy and to give the viewer got some break time to fathom the ever-evolving caper.

Anyway, Yay amazing Jennifer Lawrence, age 23(?!)!!  (Not to be too snarky, but ...all she needs now is a dresser.)*

(Totally Riveting; nominated for Best Actress Oscar)

                                       (Won Oscar for Best Actress)
(Golden Globes & CIWT Best Supporting Actress)


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