Monday, January 27, 2014

One Single Prescription --- Day 3/16

Walk: JCCSF and beyond
Distance: 2 Miles and Take Yoga Class

A(n old boy)friend who is single (like Ciwt) sent me a clipping he'd cut from I don't know where. It reads:

Being a single person searching for love teaches you that not everything is under your control.  You can't control whether the person you've fallen for will call.  You can't force yourself to have feelings for the nice guy your best friend fixed you up with. You have no way to know whether attending this or that event - a co-worker's art opening, a neighbor's housewarming - will lead to the chance encounter that will forever alter your life.  You simply learn to do your best, and leave it at that.

Make of it what you will. My sense is that, in sending it to Ciwt, he might have been thinking therefore show up at more events.  For others he sent it to, there may have been other thoughts.
But, Ciwt was thinking just the opposite: since meeting that life changer is out of your control, enjoy what you can, do what truly calls to you.  In my case, continue your CIWT life.  

This divergence in viewpoint probably goes to the heart of why we dated and are friends but never were a couple.

Anyway, by continuing her CIWT life today, Ciwt was able to enjoy one of her K. Libbey Nash's as well as the warm, happy spirit of spring in the Trader Joe's flowers she keeps in constant supply.

Then when she left home for yoga, she chanced on the the filming of Diary of a Teenage Girl

at the Presidio Branch of the Library.  No life changer among the cast or crew.  But she enjoyed watching and left it at that.

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