Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bouquets to Floral Designers --- Day 3/46

Walk: No.  But looked out the window at Rain!


Sometimes just placing a few Trader Joe's stems in a vase - in a way that soothes/doesn't jar Ciwt's mind - can take the better part of an hour.  And then as the week goes on, each time she walks past the vase, she notices a dead bud or browning leaf and the nattering begins.  She cannot imagine the creativity, work, worry, wrestling with control and multitude of other emotions that go into the floral arrangements at the Bouquets to Art show. .

After the honor of being selected, a huge undertaking must begin. There is the choosing of the artwork (which the designer may or may not get I'm guessing.  I imagine some designers may have to create for works that do not appeal to them at all). Then there are the preliminary studies, rounding up of tools and materials, selecting and obtaining the best possible flowers perhaps from around the world, building models (?), safely transporting the bouquets to the museum, keeping the flowers fresh and the arrangement alive and vibrant - for an entire week - in a museum atmosphere  - with crowds and temperatures good for art but not necessarily flowers.  In public with your name broadcast for all to see. And so much more. Yikes. Must be harrowing.

As well as beautiful and stimulating and thrilling to the throngs of viewers who attend one of San Francisco's most cherished art traditions. It's now in its 30th year at the Fine Arts Museums and opening in a few weeks.

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