Saturday, February 22, 2014

East Meets West? --- Day 3/42

Walk: Mindful Body, Japantown Art International,  Sundance Kabuki (The Wind Rises*)
Distance: 2.2 miles and teach yoga class

In all her years Ciwt has never owned or hung a gallery show with a Japanese woodblock print. She has no idea if these prints can successfully be mixed with modern/abstract art.  For instance, can the prints above be hung (and enjoyed) on either side of the watercolor below.  Or will the juxtapostion be jarring, cause the eye to go "Huh?"

*Very good.  So much loving and beautiful work went into the hand-drawn illustrations  A little longish, but then you just settle back and admire the art and the respectful story.   

 "He makes the human spirit seem as fleeting yet eternal as the wind itself."  David Edelstein

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