Thursday, February 6, 2014

Post Rain Ramble --- Day 3/26

Walk: Laurel Village for a rain hat at Emily Lee
Distance: 2 miles and small home yoga practice

After a blessed 24 hour rain during our drought, Ciwt went out to inspect her little deck world.

Found that Andy (the gardener) made another stealth appearance leaving a new vine.

It's cute.  But I'm a little concerned where it is going to be planted.

Maybe here in place of the camellia. Anywhere is fine just as long as he hasn't decided my sweet Japanese maple
isn't going to make it, and this is his silent way of preparing me.

Then walked back inside, surveyed the post-greenhouse window euphorbia and some lilies:


And out onto the wonderfully wet streets where I saw a green/green house I thought didn't work at all and then noticed the one next to it is a little gem.

   What a feast for the eyes is San Francisco (after the rain).

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