Saturday, February 1, 2014

Important Steps --- Day 3/21

Walk: Mindful Body, AMC Van Ness Theater (Frozen - Again)
Distance: 3 miles and Take yoga class

So the big event for Ciwt today was going to her former Saturday class as a student.  It went well; another success of a graceful transition.  And walking away to go see Frozen for a second time it felt good to have taken not given a class.  Just felt more free, and I'm glad I took the step.

Frozen is so good.  It opens and breaks Ciwt's heart.  The main character, Anna, reminds me of my cat Tika, Callie's sister, who died too young three years ago (maybe to the day).  So strongly and open-heartedly joyful and trusting.  The minute I took the step into into the private shelter room where they had Callie and Tika confined, she looked up, came racing across the room and into my heart meowing 'hi, hi, hi, you're here for us!'  She was right; I miss her every day.

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