Thursday, February 13, 2014

Takes A Village --- Day 3/33

Walk: Institute on Aging/San Francisco Village
Distance: 4 Miles

Ciwt went with a friend today to a meeting of an organization dedicated to learning how our aging population may do it in place: in their city, their neighborhoods, their homes. Certainly an important topic. Maybe when she has her thoughts more together she'll comment.

Meanwhile, some present members say such things as:

“My social networks have changed since getting older. SF Village has introduced me to new friends, new ideas, new ways to contribute and, when necessary, how to ask for help”

“New friendships have come so easily. At this age we share the same memories and have been through the same experiences.”

“I needed transportation to physical therapy after knee surgery. I was picked up by a Village member in plenty of time for my appointment.When I was finished another member picked me up and took me home. It was absolutely seamless service.”              

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