Friday, April 18, 2014

Only 20% --- Day 3/97

Walk: Trader Joe's
Distance:  1 mile and teach yoga class

Unlike 'normal' women, Ciwt is not so good at picking out shoes.  But as the final touch of her spring closet caper she thought she'd try again.  And, oh boy, was she ever encouraged along the way.

Her shoe search day began on line checking out a pair she had seen a couple of days before downtown.  There they were -  at 75% off!  Sold!

Then she went to an actual department store and saw a pair she liked before turning them over to see the whopping price. The saleswoman came up while she was gaping at the number and said the store was out of the shoe in Ciwt's hand, but she would check in their computer to see if they were available in any other store.  Sure enough, 75% off again! Sold again!!  Even the saleswoman was shocked at the impossibly low price, and as Ciwt walked away from the counter, she was busy ordering a pair for herself.  (They are still listed at full price at the store and on all the on line sites that carry the brand, so we will see what actually arrives in the free shipment).

Concluding her shoe search day, Ciwt walked through Macy's on the way to her car.  There she spotted a (to her) cute pair.  The display shoe fit so she asked a salesman for the full pair.  He returned to report apologetically the display pair was the last one in stock.  Sheepishly he said, 'So they would be 20% off if you want them."  Only 20%! - but sold anyway.

Perfect for yoga, n'est pas?

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