Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Closet Caper Begins --- Day 3/85

Walk: Sundance Kabuki Cinema Club (Happy Christmas)
Distance: 2 miles

65.  Ciwt was so energized by the lighter-then-air, non-stop dancing precision of SF Ballet's 'Shostakovich Trilogy' yesterday she marched right into some clothing stores on her walk home and bought nine summer things. Which means 90 old items must go out into the world to be enjoyed by others. Since it's seasonal closet time again, she re-instituted her 10-for-1 rule. Ie, for every one thing she buys, she needs to get rid of ten.  So far she's at 65 for the day and optimistic about reaching 90 tomorrow.

        Out of the closet, into the staging area....

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