Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Summer and Freedom -- Day 3/109

Walk: Union Square, Sundance Kabuki (SF International Film Festival: Freedom Summer)*
Distance: 4 miles

We're having what we San Franciscans think might be what is known as summer.  Anyway, Ciwt deck and the rest of the city is hot and balmy, women are walking around in flowered dresses, bare legs and sandals, restaurant tables have been pulled to the sidewalks, and people are sitting at them sipping cool drinks, the whole pace of things is noticeably (a bit) slower/less intense/more free*. The benefits of freedom on display - which leads to a small seque into gratitude for that priceless condition.

*Whenever Ciwt does a gratitude list or a list of most important values, freedom is on them, often at the head.  This being said today after seeing a documentary on the Freedom Riders during the Freedom Summer of 1964.  My contemporaries know what I'm talking about, and we all hold that time in our hearts, minds, psyches in personal ways. So, enough said - except the movie is extremely informative.  You walk away with a great deal of information on many levels and from many points of view that is completely new (or was to Ciwt who thought she was pretty first hand knowledgeable about that deeply affecting time).

Meanwhile, we're surviving this summer experience just fine:
   Thank you for asking.

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