Monday, April 28, 2014

The only way to go --- Day 3/107

Walk: Trader Joe's, UPS, Sundance Kabuki (SF International Film Festival: The Reconstruction)
Distance: 4+ miles and a couple of small home yoga practices

                                   The Reconstruction

By the seat of your pants...Ie, in a comfortable movie chair.  Today it was Patagonia, yesterday Bhutan and the day before the Australian Outback. With more countries ahead.

I've never had the time and/or inclination to follow the San Francisco International Film Festival so also have never understood its appeal.  That is now corrected.  I really feel richly informed about each country represented in their entry as well as the human condition there and universally.  This in a relaxed way, unconcerned about language, logistics, and that unnerving (for Ciwt) big metal bird.

Today was the Argentinian oil fields and then down further south to Patagonia, technically to Ushuaia, the world's southernmost city. The movie was The Reconstruction which I doubt will make our theaters/find a distributor.  Maybe a bit too 'small' but Gorgeous widescreen cinematography of the hugely vast barren terrain that echoes the desolate unforgiving nature of the main character's heart.  He's played by Diego Peretti, an actor, screenwriter and former psychiatrist and it is too bad his performance will probably be missed by those not attending the festivals screening The Reconstruction.  He has won several Best Actor awards for his performance at the festivals.  Ciwt will be on the lookout for his name in the future.

Diego Peretti as himself             Diego Peretti (unnamed?) character in The Reconstruction

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