Saturday, November 7, 2015

Decisions, Decisions --- Day 4/281

Walk: Clay Theater
Distance: 5 blocks

Ciwt was wracked with indecision today.

Should she go to the opening reception for a Wayne Thiebaud Paintings show where the artist - who has always been generous with his time even as his fame increased - would probably be?  And where even the smallest painting was priced at "upwards of $2 million" according to the gallery?                 Related image
Wayne Thiebaud
Bakery Counter
oil and graphite on paper
8 5/8 x 11 1/2 in. [image]
9 1/8 x 12 in. [sheet] 

Or should she go to the newest documentary (He Named Me Malala) by film and TV director/producer, Davis Guggenheim?  It was 7 blocks away at the Vogue with Guggenheim in a Q & A after the film. 

But, she'd met Wayne Thiebaud in her art gallery years, was short the $2 mill, not all that drawn to the Malala film AND 5 blocks away at the Clay was the opening of a documentary about Tab Hunter (Tab Hunter Confidential). That was what Ciwt chose.  Not because it was the closest but because Tab Hunter was a heartthrob of her youth (swoon) and because he and his partner (also the film's producer), Allan Glaser, would be doing a Q & A.   What a great decision!!  And what a totally authentic, caring, grounded man! As well as multi-talented: A top 40's singer, champion figure skater, competitive ski racer, and, the love of his life, Top Champion (Hunter/Jumper) Horseman Image result for Tab Hunter horses.  As crazy as Ciwt was about him in her youth, she genuinely respects the real man now that he's well and contentedly past Hollywood.

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