Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Return to the Desert --- Day 4/291

Distance: 1.5 miles and yoga class

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Ciwt has trouble taking Palm Springs seriously even though that's where she's heading off to tomorrow.  Her brother has a place there and it will be nice to spend time with him as well as getting reacquainted with the area.

Once upon a time she spent some time there with a boyfriend who had bought an old architect- designed mid-century modern house in the movie star Old Las Palmas section of Palm Springs.  As she remembers, Frank Sinatra's desert home was just down the block and the architect's name was Donald Wexler. Wexler pioneered the use of steel in creating flat-surfaced, industrialized residential buildings which were way ahead of the current time and contrasted so dramatically against nature they were photographed extensively and became enormously popular.  Wexler is probably best known for his Alexander houses which he designed for developers George and Robert Alexander.Image result for palm springs airport wexler  Sneak preview: He also designed the Palm Springs Airport.  Stay tuned...

What Ciwt remembers best are two things: her boyfriend's anxiety/buyer's remorse (he sold within a frantic year) and hours and hours inside the house, the car or any place that was air conditioned. Because he had to be there in all months to supervise the near constant renovating, there were no escaping the hot months when the temperature was 80 by 10 a.m. and kept on rising to upwards of 108.  Until she looked at the weather in today's paper and found the article below*, Ciwt assumed Palm Springs was that hot all year round.  She's happy to find that's not the case, but a little nervous now herself because she didn't leave room for heavyish outerwear and hopes she won't come home with a cold.


November Weather in Palm Springs

What's the weather like in Palm Springs
in November?
In November the average morning temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 Celsius. The sun rises at 6:18 am.
Mid-day in November the temperature reaches a high of about 78 degrees Fahrenheit or 26 Celsius. As the sun sets at 4:46 pm the temperature drops back down to an average low of 64 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 Celsius. The average total rainfall in November is about one quarter of an inch or 0.29 inches.

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